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Table 2 Examples of potential disease indications for GPCRs and endogenous peptides and corresponding Open Targets overall scores that represent new target hypotheses or potential repurposing opportunities

From: Uncovering new disease indications for G-protein coupled receptors and their endogenous ligands

  Gene Disease term Score
GPCRs Repurposing opportunity GPR35 Inflammatory bowel disease 1.00
CXCR4 Infectious disease 1.00
PTGER4 Inflammatory bowel disease 0.90
TSHR Graves disease 0.67
New target NPSR1 Asthma 1.00
LPAR6 Alopecia 1.00
CELSR2 Coronary heart disease 0.92
GPR65 Crohn’s disease 0.81
Endogenous peptide Repurposing opportunity TNFSF15 Inflammatory bowel disease 1.00
AGT Hypertension 1.00
IL17F Immune system disease 1.00
CALCA Cardiovascular disease 1.00
New target FBN1 Vascular disease 1.00
COL3A1 Cardiovascular disease 1.00
NPPA Cardiomyopathy 1.00
IL33 Respiratory system disease 0.77