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Table 9 Comparing EIM and MMR results on a real dataset

From: Assessing the impact of exact reads on reducing the error rate of read mapping

Assembly Bowtie2 EIM (v2) MMR
Contigs-500 259 263 260
N50 (kbp) 29.3 32 31.3
Errors 2472 1190 1369
IUPAC-codes 280 56 224
Genome-Fraction (%) 88.575 88.578 88.671
  1. The evaluation metrics has been defined in the text. The columns headed ’Bowtie2’, ’EIM (v2)’ and ’MMR’ represent the contiguity and quality of contigs obtained based on the results of Bowtie2, EIM (v2) pipeline and MMR tool, respectively