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Table 1 Linear measurements extracted from the nose and orolabial regions

From: Automated craniofacial landmarks detection on 3D image using geometry characteristics information

Region Linear Measurements Euclidean distance between
Nose Height of the nose nasion (n) and subnasale (sn)
Width of the nose alare (al)
Nasal tip protrusion subnasale (sn) and pronasale (prn)
Orolabial Width of the mouth chelion (ch)
Height of the upper lip subnasale (sn) and stomion (sto)
Vermilion height of the upper lip labiale superius (ls) and stomion (sto)
Height of the cutaneous upper lip subnasale (sn) and labiale superius (ls)
Vermilion height of the lower lip stomion (sto) and labiale inferius (li)