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Table 8 The percentage (%), mean size, and summary of molecular functions of the specific modules of physical (P), functional (F) and combined (C) PPIN

From: Functional homogeneity and specificity of topological modules in human proteome

Network % Mean Size (std.) Specific molecular functions of modules
P 0.55 1523 (390) Module1: cytoskeletal protein binding; Module2: receptor activity; Module3: cation binding, dimerization/transcription factor activity; Module4: cyclic compound/RNA/chromatin binding, Wnt-activated receptor activity; Module5: DNA binding; Module6: pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring) kinase activity
P-weighted 0.32 1215 (262) Module1: deacytylase activity; Module2: cyclic compound/nucleotide/ATP/nucleoside binding, kinase/transferase activity; Module3: amide/peptide binding; Module4: transferase activity; Module5: protein domain specific binding; Module6: DNA binding
F 0.36 2298(223) Module1: RNA binding; Module2:ssDNA/ nucleotide/nucleoside/GTP/Mg ion binding binding, oxidoreductase/transferase/kinase/ activity, transmembrane transporter activity; Module3: ATPase/DNA helicase activity, chromatin binding
F-weighted 0.42 1036 (978) Module1: hydrolase/transferase activity, TF/transcription regulator/transcription coactivator/transcription cofactor/transmembrane transporter activity, CCR5 chemokine receptor binding; Module2: ATPase/hydrolase activity, transmembrane transporter activity; Module3: kinase activity, DNA binding; Module3: ATPase activity; Module4: alcohol binding
C 0.38 4011 (2495) Module1: lamin binding; Module2: cyclic compound/ion/DNA/enzyme/small molecule/ATP/chromatin/protein kinase/nucleotide/nucleoside binding, transcription regulator/protein dimerization/kinase/nucleoside-triphosphatase/phosphotransferase activity; Module3: macrolide/FK506 binding
C-weighted 0.14 6484(0) Module1: ion/cyclic compound/DNA/cation/enzyme/identical protein binding, catalytic/transferase activity