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Table 1 The Shannon entropy and t-test value of four selected diverse cancer types

From: Understanding the evolutionary trend of intrinsically structural disorders in cancer relevant proteins as probed by Shannon entropy scoring and structure network analysis

Disease Protein Shannon Significant p-value
  family entropy score  
Prostate cancer Heat shock protein beta-1 3.36 True 7.3e-36
  BAG family molecular 3.39 True 3.4e-40
Breast cancer Breast cancer type 2 4.01 True 1.0e-30
  Endophilin-B1 2.87 True 5.8e-38
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 3.34 True 1.9e-27
  Calpain-type cysteine 2.79 True 3.8e-25
Lymphoma Cellular tumor antigen p53 4.01 True 1.0e-07
  RNA-binding protein 38 3.38 True 3.8e-96