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Table 2 Comparison of metadata tracking tools

From: OMeta: an ontology-based, data-driven metadata tracking system

Features/Tools OMeta ISA-Tool LabKey CKAN XperimentR ICAT
Event based tracking Yes No Noa No No No
Open-source Project Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Role-Based-Security Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ontology Integration & Lookup Yes Yes No No Yes No
Configurable metadata Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Configurable validation Yes No No No No No
Web Interface Yes Nob Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complete Audit trail Yes No No No No No
Asynchronous data loading Yes No Yes No No Yes
Row-level bulk data loading Yes No No No No Yes
HIPAA compliance No No Noc No No No
Built-in LDAP Authentication Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. aLabkey has a process to set-up and load data, but it is not a true event-based system
  2. bISA-Tool has a ISA-creator that is Java application that can run on a desktop computer, but it lacks the web interface for creating, editing and managing data
  3. cLabKey Community Edition is not HIPAA compliant, but LabKey Enterprise Edition has HIPAA compliant features