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Table 3 Function enrichment analysis of predicted protein complexes detected on Krogan dataset

From: Protein complex detection based on flower pollination mechanism in multi-relation reconstructed dynamic protein networks

No. Gene Ontology term p-value Cluster frequency Genes annotated to the term
1 intra-Golgi vesicle-mediated transport 1.91e-16 100.0% COG3/YER157W, COG7/YGL005C, COG1/YGL223C, COG2/YGR120C, COG8/YML071C, COG6/YNL041C, COG4/YPR105C
2 polyadenylation-dependent snoRNA 3’-end processing 3.32e-18 100.0% RRP43/YCR035C, RRP45/YDR280W, MTR3/YGR158C, SKI6/YGR195W, LRP1/YHR081W, RRP40/YOL142W, RRP6/YOR001W
3 exonucleolytic trimming involved in rRNA processing 5.02e-20 100.0% RRP43/YCR035C, RRP42/YDL111C, RRP45/YDR280W, MTR3/YGR158C, SKI6/YGR195W, RRP4/YHR069C, LRP1/YHR081W, CSL4/YNL232W
4 negative regulation of gluconeogenesis 3.00e-17 100.0% GID7/YCL039W, RMD5/YDR255C, VID30/YGL227W, VID28/YIL017C, FYV10/YIL097W, GID8/YMR135C
5 chromatin disassembly 3.83e-20 100.0% HTL1/YCR020W-B, RSC6/YCR052W, RTT102/YGR275W, STH1/YIL126W, RSC58/YLR033W, SFH1/YLR321C, RSC2/YLR357W, NPL6/YMR091C
6 positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase I promoter 5.96e-16 87.5% UTP4/YDR324C, UTP5/YDR398W, UTP8/YGR128C, UTP9/YHR196W, UTP10/YJL109C, UTP15/YMR093W, NAN1/YPL126W