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Fig. 3

From: Functional Heatmap: an automated and interactive pattern recognition tool to integrate time with multi-omics assays

Fig. 3

Combined Page with Example. a The primary heatmap of all the patterns sorted by number of genes per pattern, highest to lowest. b The trends which come from the selected pattern in the Primary Patterns heatmap. The trends make up the 296 genes in the selected pattern. c The subpatterns filtered by the 99 and 54 genes from the trends. This allows the user to visualize which subpatterns of the 54 and 99 genes are associated with. This figure shows that most of the 54 genes showing a spike up then a drop are mostly from the 1Gy dose. The most abundant trend of 99 genes are mostly from the high 6Gy dose followed closely by the 3Gy dose

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