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Table 2 Phase 2 Transitions

From: Spatial quorum sensing modelling using coloured hybrid Petri nets and simulative model checking

Transition name Biological action
AdoMet Methioninadenosyl transfer
AI2_excret AI_2 excretion
AI2_syn AI_2 synthesis
bio_reac General bioreaction over nutrients
DPD_deg DPD degradation
LuxS_mRNA_deg LuxS mRNA degredation
LuxS_prot_deg LuxS protein degredation
LuxS_transcription LuxS transcription
LuxS_translation LuxS translation
MethyTrans Methyl transfer
Met_recover Recovery of Methionine
MTR_excret Excretion of MTR
MTR_syn MTR synthesis
Pfs_mRNA_deg Pfs mRNA degredation
Pfs_prot_deg Pfs protein degredation
pfs_transcription Pfs transcription
pfs_translation Pfs translation
Polyamin_util Utilisation of Polyamine
SAH_Hydro SAH Hydrolysis
SAM_Decarb SAM decaroxylation
SpeE_syn Spermidine synthesis
Spermi_util Spermidine utilisation
SRH_cleave SRH cleavage