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Table 1 TOP 10 Bestseller cells in NICR

From: The cell line ontology-based representation, integration and analysis of cell lines used in China

#No. Cells Information
  Cell line names Cell type Disease Anatomic entity
1 RAW 264.7 Monocyte Leukemia Blood
2 A549 Epithelial cell Lung cancer Lung
3 BV2 Microglia Immortalized transformation Central nervous system
4 CACO-2 Epithelial cell Colon cancer Colon
5 HepG2 Epithelial cell Liver cancer Liver
6 THP-1 Monocyte Leukemia Blood
7 MCF7 Epithelial cell Breast cancer Breast
8 SH-SY5Y Epithelial cell Neuroblastoma Bone marrow
9 3T3-L1 Fibroblast Immortalized transformation Embryo
10 293T Epithelial cell Immortalized transformation Kidney