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Table 4 Homologous protein pairs between four different organisms

From: Detailed prediction of protein sub-nuclear localization

 OverallBoth HBHB/SVMSVM% of proteins (organism1)% of proteins (organism2)
Human/Chimp36632510 (68%)58 (2%)1095 (30%)60%62%
Human/Mouse43162609 (60%)67 (2%)1640 (38%)70%50%
Human/Yeast809638 (79%)50 (6%)121 (15%)13%21%
Chimp/Mouse40412667 (66%)65 (2%)1309 (32%)65%55%
Chimp/Yeast776608 (78%)42 (6%)126 (16%)16%20%
Mouse/Yeast973742 (76%)50 (5%)181 (19%)13%23%
  1. We identified pairs of homologous proteins between human, chimp, mouse, and yeast. The second column in the table gives the overall numbers of pairs for these two organisms, the next three columns refer to pairs of proteins where both were predicted using homology-based inference, one was predicted with homology-based inference and the other one de novo, and both were predicted de novo. The last two columns give the percentage of proteins in the respective organisms for which a homolog was found