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Table 2 Examples of the top 5 words that occur in sentences where two proteins that interact also occur

From: Automated assessment of biological database assertions using the scientific literature

  Term Frequency Example
1 Interact 33,128 As reported previously we also confirmed PHD2 interaction with FKBP38. [PMID: 21559462]
2 Activ 30,241 Another known protein that modulates PHD2 activity is FKBP38. [PMID: 20178464 ]
3 Express 29,863 BMP2 may promote PHD2 stabilization by down-modulating FKBP38 expression. [PMID: 19587783]
4 Bind 29,468 mIL-5 showed similar, high-affinity binding profiles to both gpIL-5r and hIL-5r. [PMID: 11132776]
5 Regulator 15,939 As a regulator of JNK, POSH is mainly implicated in the activation of apoptosis. [PMID: 17420289]
  1. These words can be seen as approximating the semantics of the predicates linking the two proteins
  2. Words in bold represent entities involved in an assertion, i.e., the entities and the predicate