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Table 2 Active applications for analyzing and visualizing copy number variation data with graphical user interfaces (GUI)

From: Aneuvis: web-based exploration of numerical chromosomal variation in single cells

Application Reference &/or URL Application Type Data type QDV
CNVinspector [13, 14] Web application Array CGH No
Ginkgo [15, 16] Web application sc- WGS No
GenomeCAT [17, 18] Java application Array CGH, WGS No
SNPitty [19, 20] Docker container WGS No
Aneuvis [6] Web application sc-WGSa, SKY, FISH Yes
  1. Each row contains data for a separate application, and columns specify features of each application. The URL for the application or source code, application type, and data type used are listed for each application. The capacity of the application to quantify the degree of numerical chromosomal variation (QDV) within and between treatment groups is also listed
  2. aRequires preprocessing from aligned .bam or .bed files into a copy number state matrix by an application such as Ginkgo