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Table 1 Biological annotations of unique DMRs predicted by HOME, DSS and Metiene on the PV and EX methylome data. The top 20 terms were counted for neural system function related terms using the mouse phenotype annotation and MGI gene expression annotation. No. of Cs refers to the minimum number of cytosines required in a DMR and delta refers to the absolute change in methylation level

From: HOME: a histogram based machine learning approach for effective identification of differentially methylated regions

DMR finders Best results were obtained for below threshold No. of DMRs after thresholding Phenotype (%) (terms counted out of 20) Expression (%) (terms counted out of 20)
HOME No. of Cs > 5 and delta > 0.2 4721 85 70
DSS No. of Cs > 5 and delta > 0.25 3066 60 35
Metilene delta > 0.15 2495 10 15