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Table 4 A detailed view of effects of Everolimus/Trametinib on gene mutations, highlighting the circuit output without (second column) and with drug (third column), and the corresponding change in the score

From: MiRNA therapeutics based on logic circuits of biological pathways

MutationFaulted outputFaulted outputScore change
 without drugwith drug 
EGFR[1010000][0010111]2 →-1
ERBB2[1000000][0000111]1 →-3
EML4-ALK[1011000][0011111]3 →-1
PTEN[0000000][0000111]0 →-3
KRAS[1010000][0010111]2 →-2
BRAF[1000111][0000111]-2 →-3
PIK3CA[1000000][0000111]1 →-3
AKT[0000000][0000111]0 →-3
MEK[1000111][0000111]-2 →-3
EML4-ALK+p16[1111000][0011111]4 →-1