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Table 4 performances measured on trimmed datasets

From: STRAIN: an R package for multi-locus sequence typing from whole genome sequencing data

SoftwareCapability to identify correct alleles without trimmingCapability to identify correct alleles with trimmingDifference
STRAIN97.0% (3666/3780)97.0% (3666/3780)=
SRST2 high stringency94.8% (3583/3780)96.0% (3630/3780)+
SRST2 low stringency96.9% (3662/3780)96.6% (3655/3780)
stringMLST high stringency28.5% (1076/3780)24.1% (911/3738)
stringMLST low stringency96.9% (3664/3780)96.2% (3638/3738)
  1. Capability to identify correct alleles without and with trimming pre-processing of the reads. In Difference column “=” means no difference, + and - mean increased and decreased capability, respectively. In bold the maximum value