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Table 2 Cell types and marker combinations used for their quantification

From: A multiscale mathematical model of cell dynamics during neurogenesis in the mouse cerebral cortex

Cortical cell Stage Marker combination ref
Apical progenitors (APs) E12.5-E18.5 Pax6+, Tbr2- [37]
Intermediate progenitors (IPs) E12.5-E18.5 Tbr2+, Ctip2- [37]
Proliferative IPs (IPPs) E12.5-E18.5 Pax6+Tbr2+ [40]
Neurons E12.5 Ctip2+, Tbr2- [38]
  E13.5-E18.5 (Ctip2+, Satb2-) + (Ctip2+, Satb2+) [39]