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Fig. 1

From: VOLARE: visual analysis of disease-associated microbiome-immune system interplay

Fig. 1

VOLARE architecture and workflow. The architecture reflects a separation of concerns between data preparation and visual analysis. Blue horizontal parallel lines represent data files. Black ovals represent processes. a Data preparation is performed in R. Given a file of merged assay data, all pairwise regressions are calculated and recorded, with Mb.1 and Ir.1 representing the first microbe and first immune readout respectively. F.1_1 and P.1_1 represent the F statistic and p-value from the linear model using Mb.1 and Ir.1. Second, data is formatted for VOLARE. Regression results are filtered for statistical significance. These top table results are reprocessed to collect additional details needed for visualization (top table of relationships and associated metrics, underlying data, and configuration data for the web application), which are saved in a JSON file. b Visual analysis is performed with a JavaScript web application

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