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Table 1 Summary statistics for the six analysed networks

From: Measuring rank robustness in scored protein interaction networks

Name Network Number of nodes Number of edges Edge density
PVX P. vivax, STRING 3255 344691  0.065
ECOLI E. coli, STRING 4144 583440  0.068
YEAST S. cerevisiae, STRING 6418 939998  0.046
HPRED S. cerevisiae, HitPredict 5673 113001  0.007
SYN-GNP Synthetic, Bernoulli 500 7459  0.060
SYN-PVX Synthetic, randomised P. vivax 1000 30516  0.061
  1. The left-most column corresponds to the names the networks are referred as later in the text. The number of edges and edge density refer to the all scored edges before any threshold is applied to the network