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Table 1 SNPs identified for the resistance to ciprofloxacin (CIP) by DNP-AAP

From: Antimicrobial resistance genetic factor identification from whole-genome sequence data using deep feature selection

ID RangeIDAAPGenesAnnotationsKnown
[18797,18817]187990.658gyrADNA gyrase subunit A
[4309,4366]43630.536parCDNA topoisomerase IV subunit A
 50870.506 intergenic between NGK_0295 and NGK_0296  
 50750.497NGK_0295glutathione synthetase 
 342820.483 intergenic between NGK_2199 and NGK_2200  
 338430.482NGK_2182putative integral membrane protein 
 205530.478NGK_1395OTB_PSEPK Probable sugar efflux transporter 
 22850.477NGK_0116conserved hypothetical protein 
 343010.475NGK_2201hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase 
 163530.447NGK_1090conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraD 
  1. Annotations are from EnsemblBacteria. The column “ID Range” lists the ranges of SNPs that fall in known AMR-associated genes (only) in our data. ID: ID of Identified SNP.
  2. *NGK_0295: glutathione synthetase; NGK_0296: diacylglycerol kinase (DagK); NGK_2199: PtsH; NGK_2200: putative sugar transport PTS system IIA protein