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Table 5 SNPs identified for the resistance to azithromycin (AZM) by DNP-AAP

From: Antimicrobial resistance genetic factor identification from whole-genome sequence data using deep feature selection

ID RangeIDAAPGenesAnnotationsKnown
 274210.424NGK_1776conserved hypothetical protein 
 276900.420NGK_1793putative drug resistance protein 
 306590.300NGK_2022Infection response protein Irg2 
 363280.294NGK_2342pilC protein 
 368100.290 intergenic between NGK_2354 and NGK_2355  
 304340.278 intergenic between NGK_1994 and NGK_1995  
 215130.269NGK_1463putative phage associated protein 
 396760.266NGK_2537homoserine kinase 
 368090.258 intergenic between NGK_2354 and NGK_2355  
 290950.254NGK_1872phosphatidylglycerophosphatase A 
  1. Annotations are from EnsemblBacteria. The column “ID Range” lists the ranges of SNPs that fall in known AMR-associated genes (only) in our data. ID: ID of Identified SNP
  2. *NGK_2354: Conserved hypothetical protein; NGK_2355: Hypothetical protein; NGK_1994: TspB2; NGK_1995: putative phage associated protein