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Table 1 Data for diseases, disease-protein relationships, and protein-protein interactions, and literature for comorbidity analysis: the number in parentheses indicates the amount of data originating from the respective sources. See also Additional file 1: Appendix A and C

From: The translational network for metabolic disease – from protein interaction to disease co-occurrence

 Metabolic diseasesDisease-protein relationshipProtein-protein interactionComorbidity analysis
Data SourcesMeSH
The Medical
Subject Headings
CTD (7624) ver. 2014/07/11
Comparative Toxicogenomics Database,
GAD (34,773) ver.2013/07/16
Genetic Association Database,
OMIM (4078) ver. 2014/03/10
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man,
PharmGKB (6610) ver. 2015/07/20
The Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base,
TTD (395) ver. 2013/07/04
Therapeutic Target Database,
DIP (773) ver. 2014/10/10
Database of Interacting Proteins,
Entrez Gene (58,778)
ver. 2014/07/20
MINT (736) ver. 2014/07/08
Molecular Interaction Database,
PharmGKB (507)
ver. 2014/07/20
The Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base,
PubMed Literature
US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
Number of Data181 out of 302 metabolic diseases53,480 relations between 2411 diseases and 7733 proteins60,794 interactions of 15,281 proteins62 pairs of 55 diseases