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Table 1 Immune receptor-antigen 3D complexes

From: Benchmark datasets of immune receptor-epitope structural complexes

Type of complex Antibody-antigen TCR-pMHC MHC-ligand
Total available complexes 2510 296 1107
Complexes with peptidic ligand 2191 181 960
Complexes after filtering 772 154 861
Distinct receptor-epitope pairs 727 98 439
  1. All the receptor-antigen complexes were filtered at 3 Å resolution, along with complexes with missing residues in the antibody or TCR CDR regions. Remaining antibody-antigen complexes with antigens with less than 50 residues were further removed from the dataset. TCR-pMHC and MHC-ligand complexes with core-epitope sequences shorter than 8 residues were removed from the final dataset