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Table 2 Details of contig sets

From: SLR: a scaffolding algorithm based on long reads and contig classification

Contig setCountErrorsGenomeMismatchesIndelsLargestNA50NGA50
   Fraction(%)  alignment  
E. coli_1182299.3631.320.37315,628106,208106,208
E. coli_2167799.3512.280.11360,084164,044164,044
S. cerevisiae_131793596.68879.038.42233,10347,99452,239
S. cerevisiae_269535396.68785.548.76250,18049,25854,160
Chr X_186234197.0372.401.28793,61876,50671,372
  1. The contig set about E. coli_1 and S. cerevisiae_1 are provided by [29], the contig set about E. coli_2 and S. cerevisiae_2 are provided by [30], and the contig set about Chr X_1 are provided by [31]