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Table 1 Comparison of the features within the currently available packages for plotting evolutionary dynamics

From: EvoFreq: visualization of the Evolutionary Frequencies of sequence and model data

Frequency data \(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Size data\(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \)
Long format\(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \)
Wide format \(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Smoothing \(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Uses ggplot\(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \)
Animations  \(\checkmark \)
Create graphs  \(\checkmark \)
Integration with subclonal   
reconstruction software \(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
  1. EvoFreq is capable of visualizing the evolutionary dynamics from ClonEvol, PhyloWGS, and CALDER