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Table 7 The performance comparison of mining overlapping proteins in DIP

From: Detecting overlapping protein complexes in weighted PPI network based on overlay network chain in quotient space

AlgorithmPredicted elF3 complex (pc1)OS(pc1,sc1)Predicted multi-elF complex (pc2)OS(pc2,sc2)
COREYMR146C YDR429C YBR079C0.4286
ClusterONEYPR041W YDR429C YBR079C YMR309C YMR146C YPL001W YOR361C YDR091C YLR192C YPL105C0.5143
COACHYDR429C YBR079C YMR146C YMR309C YNL244C YOR361C YPR041W YPR086W YLR192C0.5714
ONCQSYBR079C YDR429C YLR192C YMR146C YMR309C YNL244C YOR361C YPR041W0.6429YBR079C YJR007W YPL237W YPR041W0.2813