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Table 6 The loadings of the three subsequent LVs extracted by msPLS from the genomic variables of the CLL data set

From: Multiset sparse partial least squares path modeling for high dimensional omics data analysis

1st set of LVs 2nd set of LVs 3rd set of LVs
Name loading Name loading Name loading
del11q22.3 0.31 del11q22.3 -0.27 NRAS 0.35
del17p13 0.16 trisomy12 0.65 COL6A5 -0.34
BRAF 0.17 del13q14_any -0.37 FAM47A -0.35
TP53 0.21 del14q24.3 0.20 FAT4 -0.39
IGHV -0.66 CREBBP 0.15 PRPF8 -0.52