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Table 2 Number of breakpoints identified in each strain

From: Rearrangement analysis of multiple bacterial genomes

No. of StrainsBreakpointsStrains annotation
60P12, Shi417, Shi169, Puno135, Cuz20, Lithuania75
92G27, PeCan4, SJM180, Sat464, Santal49, Puno120, Shi112, BM013A, BM013B
43v225d, oki154, oki673, oki828
104B38, 908, F30, 2017, OK113, NY40, ML3, J99, 7C, 29CaP
85B8, Gambia94/24, 2018, oki102, oki112, oki128, oki422, oki898
96ELS37, 52, F57, HUP-B14, PeCan18, SouthAfrica20, ML1, J166, Hp238
27SouthAfrica7, India7
17826695, 35A, F16, 83, XZ274, Rif1, Rif2, 26695, OK310, UM032, UM299, UM298, 26695–1, 26695-1CH, 26695-1CL, 26695–1, 26695-1MET
610F32, UM037, UM066, BM012A, BM012S, BM012B