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Table 4 The percentage of the 310 KEGG pathway modules that had all of their reactions, at least half of their reaction, and none of their reactions contained by hub tables constructed with varying numbers and selections of hub compounds

From: Improving the organization and interactivity of metabolic pathfinding with precomputed pathways

 Different hub tables
 20 (O)50 (O)80 (O)139 (A)50 (IO)50 (I)50 (R1)50 (R2)
At least half42.9054.1961.6163.5553.2356.1335.1645.48
  1. The KEGG pathway modules represents well-documented and important metabolic pathways that ideally should be covered by the precomputed subpaths stored in hub tables. The different suffixes in column names indicate how hubs were selected: IO, sum of in- and out-degree; A, from Araki et al. 2015; O, out-degree; I, in-degree; Rn, randomly