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Table 1 The performance comparison of BCREval and Bismark

From: BCREval: a computational method to estimate the bisulfite conversion ratio in WGBS

ENCODE IDFile SizeReads NumberProcessing TimeMemory UsageCHH methylation ratio %
ENCFF055UXZ1.1G12 M4 h 49 m10 m10G44 M0.70.56
ENCFF336KJH687 M12 M4 h 8 m9 m10G44 M0.50.54
ENCFF677BSB926 M12 M5 h 28 m9 m10G44 M1.10.42
ENCFF781BRM833 M12 M5 h 5 m9 m10G44 M0.50.26
ENCFF710XQC1011 M12 M5 h 5 m10 m10G44 M0.80.45
ENCFF211RZY1.1G12 M4 h 39 m10 m10G44 M0.50.17
ENCFF563QAT821 M12 M4 h 31 m8 m10G44 M0.50.18
ENCFF311PSV686 M12 M4 h 36 m10 m10G44 M1.10.3