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Table 6 The outcomes of the proposed algorithm on the selected drugs

From: Synthetic repurposing of drugs against hypertension: a datamining method based on association rules and a novel discrete algorithm

Given drug Chemical formula Proposed lists Drugs of the list Chemical formula Similarity
Trandolapril C24H34N2O5 (Cilazapril) Cilazapril C22H31N3O5 0.87
Atenolol C14H22N2O3 (Esmolol) Esmolol C16H25NO4 0.75
Carteolol C16H24N2O3 (Xamoterol+Nebivolol) Xamoterol C16H25N3O5 0.80
Nebivolol C22H25F2NO4 0.58
Nicardipine C26H29NO6 (Cyclandelate+Nisoldipine), (Drotaverine+Nisoldipine) Cyclandelate C17H24O3 0.49
Nisoldipine C20H24N2O6 0.82
Drotaverine C24H31NO4 0.71
Felodipine C18HCl2NO4 (Pinaverium+ Nisoldipine) Pinaverium C26H41BrNO4 0.35
Nisoldipine C20H24N2O6 0.57
Nifedipine C17H18N2O6 (Pinaverium + Nisoldipine) Pinaverium C26H41BrNO4 0.35
Nisoldipine C20H24N2O6 0.90
Nisoldipine C20H24N2O6 (Pinaverium+Isradipine), (Pinaverium+Drotaverine+Nilvadipine) Pinaverium C26H41BrNO4 0.40
Isradipine C19H21N3O5 0.83
Drotaverine C24H31NO4 0.69
Nilvadipine C19H19N3O6 0.85
Doxazosin C23H25N5O5 (Nicergoline) Nicergoline C24H26BrN3O3 0.50
Prazosin C19H21N5O4 (Dapiprazole), (Nicergoline+Tamsulosin), (Nicergoline+Periciazine+Dapiprazole) Dapiprazole C19H27N5 0.69
Nicergoline C24H26BrN3O3 0.47
Tamsulosin C20H28N2O5S 0.58
Periciazine C21H23N3OS 0.53