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Table 7 Some of the usages of new proposed centralities

From: Comprehensive host-pathogen protein-protein interaction network analysis

CC Crown Specifying the amount of cooperation between the two authors in writing articles, or the cooperation between viruses in targeting the same pair of HPs.
CI Component Index Detecting groups in social networks, or components of HPPIN.
PS Propagation Speed Revealing the speed of the rumor in society, or the speed of spreading virus in HPPIN.
DP Diversity of Predator Disclosing favorite HP targets of viruses.
VC Vulnerable Centrality Revealing the indispensable parts of a network, or the most important proteins of a virus which should be initially inhibited.
DSP Decreased Shortest Path Detecting critical points of a network, or potential drug targets.
CHTV Connectivity of Human node Targeted by the same Virus node Disclosing the clique like subnetworks, or the attack tendency of viruses.