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Table 4 The top 50 miRNAs associated with colon neoplasms were predicted by NEMPD. The top 1–25 associated miRNAs were shown in the first column. The top 26–50 associated miRNAs were shown in the third column

From: NEMPD: a network embedding-based method for predicting miRNA-disease associations by preserving behavior and attribute information

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-20a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-128-3p Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-146a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-125b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-93-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-122-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-150-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-107 dbDemc;miR2Disease
hsa-mir-1-3p dbDemc hsa-mir-106b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-429 dbDemc hsa-mir-106a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-133b dbDemc;miR2Disease hsa-mir-98-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-34a-5p dbDemc hsa-let-7 g-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-326 dbDemc hsa-let-7c-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-96-5p dbDemc hsa-let-7a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-29b-3p dbDemc hsa-mir-17-5p dbDemc;miR2Disease
hsa-mir-26a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-138-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-24-3p dbDemc hsa-mir-20b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-21-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-216a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-206 dbDemc;miR2Disease hsa-mir-182-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-204-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-28-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-195-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-125a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-181c-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-224-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-181b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-424-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-181a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-7-5p Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-16-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-140-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-15b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-18b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-15a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-18a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-155-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-135a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-145-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-34c-5p dbDemc