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Table 10 Top 10 glioma-related lncRNAs predicted by LDNFSGB

From: LDNFSGB: prediction of long non-coding rna and disease association using network feature similarity and gradient boosting

Rank LncRNA name Description
1 HOTTIP lncRNAdisease
2 LINC01158 lncRNAdisease
3 H19 lncRNAdisease
4 SPRY4-IT1 lncRNAdisease
5 ATB lncRNAdisease
6 MIR100HG unknown
7 GAS5 lncRNAdisease
8 CCAT1 lncRNAdisease
9 BCYRN1 lncRNAdisease
10 MDC1-AS1 lncRNAdisease