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Table 1 Function comparisons of IP4M and other 6 tools

From: IP4M: an integrated platform for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data mining

Function tool IP4M MetaboAnalyst W4M Galaxy-M XCMS online MZmine2 MetaBox MS-DIAL
Raw data preprocessing
Peak annotation
Peak table operations
 Zero filling
 Ratio variable generation
 Basic statistical summary
 Retrieve rows
 Samples and variables merging
Statistical analysis
 Univariate analysis
 Multivariate analysis         
Pathway and enrichment analysis  
Integrated workflows
Other functions
 ROC analysis
 Hierarchical cluster
 Plotting tools
 Power/sample size
 Network analysis
Omics data integration analysis
Time series analysis
Developing language R, Java, Perl R, Java R R, Python, Matlab R Java R R C#,
Local GUI/web server Local GUI; Windows/Linux/OS Web server; Local R package Web server Web server Web server Local GUI; Windows/Linux/OS Local GUI; Windows/Unix/Linux Local GUI; Windows
  1. “√” means yes and “–” means no or N/A