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Table 1 Currently available software packages for rhythmicity detection and analysis based on cosinor method and its extensions

From: CosinorPy: a python package for cosinor-based rhythmometry

Package Language Differential rhythmicity Linear regression Non-linear regression Multiple components Count data Population-mean Design of experiments References
CosinorPy Python Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Cosinor R Yes Yes No No No No No [16]
Cosinor2 R Yes Yes No No No Yes No [17]
DiscoRhythm R No Yes No No No No No [18]
LimoRhyde R Yes Yes No No No No No [22]
CircaCompare R Yes No Yes No No No No [23]
  1. Package: package name; language: the programming language that is used in a combination with a specific package; differential rhythmicity: support for the assessment of a differential rhythmicity among two groups of measurement; linear regression and non-linear regression: what kind of regression the package supports; multiple components: support for multi-component cosinor analysis; count data: support for count data analysis; population-mean: support for population-mean cosinor analysis; design of experiments: support for design of experiments to approximate the minimal number of required samples; reference: reference to the package