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Table 11 Model variables and their initial values

From: Validation of a yellow fever vaccine model using data from primary vaccination in children and adults, re-vaccination and dose-response in adults and studies with immunocompromised individuals

Variable Description Initial value Unit
V Vaccine virus 724 copies/mL
\(A_p\) Immature APCs \(10^6\) cells/mL
\(A_{pm}\) Mature APCs 0 cells/mL
\(T_{hn}\) Naïve CD4+ T cells \(10^6\) cells/mL
\(T_{he}\) Effector CD4+ T cells 0 cells/mL
\(T_{kn}\) Naïve CD8+ T cells 5x \(10^5\) cells/mL
\(T_{ke}\) Effector CD8+ T cells 0 cells/mL
B B cells \(2.5 \times 10^5\) cells/mL
\(P_s\) Short-lived plasma cells 0 cells/mL
\(P_l\) Long-lived plasma cells 0 cells/mL
\(B_m\) Memory B cells 0 cells/mL
A Antibodies 150 mIU/mL