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Table 5 Syntactic patterns for extracting additional intra-clause events

From: Unsupervised inference of implicit biomedical events using context triggers

 Intra-clause syntactic patternsExamples
1{[bacteria] [location]} NP or {[location] [bacteria]} NP i.e., bacteria and location mentions are nested in a longer noun phrasePresence of the [fish] Lpathogen [Vibrio salmonicida] B
  Prevention and treatment of [Staphylococcus] B [biofilms] L.
2[bacteria [location]] or [location [bacteria]] i.e., a bacteria mention is nested within a location mention or vice versa.∙ [[Mtb] B-infected human blood monocyte] L
  All but 1 of the 12 [people with [V. cholerae O:1] Binfection] L
3[bacteria] prep [location] or [location] prep [bacteria]an emerging mechanism of resistance in [S. enterica] Bin the two [studied hospitals] L
  1. B and L in boldface refer to bacteria and location entities, respectively