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Table 2 The comparison of evaluation scores (precision, recall (sensitivity), specificity, f-measure and accuracy) of DePicT Melanoma CLASS/Deep-CLASS

From: DePicT Melanoma Deep-CLASS: a deep convolutional neural networks approach to classify skin lesion images

Classification and retrievalTPTNFPFNPre.Rec.(Sen.)Spec.F-m.Acc.
1st test: k-NN (300, 100)303416200.650.60.680.620.64
1st test: SVM (300. 100)253713250.660.50.740.570.62
2nd test: k-NN (1346, 450)124178471010.730.550.790.630.67
2nd test: SVM (1346. 450)105149761200.580.470.660.520.56
3rd test: CNN (300,100)353317150.670.700.660.680.68
4th test: CNN (1346,450)16417550610.770.730.780.750.75