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Table 3 Benign vs Malignant microcalcifications: accuracy (Acc) and Area Under the Curve (AUC) performances

From: A machine learning approach on multiscale texture analysis for breast microcalcification diagnosis

MethodNo. ROIsFeature typeClassifierAcc (%)AUC (%)
Chen et al. (2015) [17]300topological featureskNN8591
Ren et al. (2012) [19]295statistical featureskNN8286
Khehra et al. (2013) [21]380statistical, shape andLS-SVM8989
  textural features   
Strange et al. (2014) [25]300mereotopological featuresBarcodes8082
Hu et al. (2017) [38]150textural featuresELM-92
Proposed approach260textural features andRF8892
  #interest points/corners