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Table 5 Statistics for the extraction errors in CG/PC/MLEE

From: Biomedical event extraction with a novel combination strategy based on hybrid deep neural networks

Corpus Wrong T_Label Wrong T_Span Wrong Argu Redundant Argu Other Error Total Error
CG 5.09% 12.11% 9.57% 5.65% 3.25% 35.67%
PC 4.75% 18.28% 4.47% 5.72% 4.22% 37.44%
MLEE 2.38% 15.72% 5.48% 6.38% 3.97% 33.93%
  1. * The statistics are derived by training method on training set and testing on development set of CG/PC/MLEE.
  2. * The Wrong T_Label represents the event triggers with the wrong assigned label. The Wrong T_Span represents the range of the trigger words that were wrong (including detected triggers that do not exist in the gold standard). The Wrong Argu indicates that the event trigger was correctly detected but the arguments were wrongly assigned. Similarly, the Redundant Argu indicates that redundant arguments were assigned for correctly detected triggers.