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Table 3 Statistics for Fig. 7 exhibiting the precision and recall of non-nested RBHs benchmarked by both BLAST RBHs and Ensembl CBGs. Numbers of RBHs (or CBGs) shared by the corresponding sets are indicated in parentheses

From: Primary orthologs from local sequence context

Genome PairsHuman-ChimpanzeeHuman-Mouse
Total number of non-nested RBHs27,55719,860
Precision 1: Non-nested RBHs validated by either BLAST
RBHs or Ensembl CBGs
93.8% (25840)81.1% (16100)
Precision 2: Non-nested RBHs validated by both BLAST
RBHs and Ensembl CBGs
73.8% (20340)54.5% (10828)
Recall 1: Ensembl CBGs recovered by non-nested RBHs94.2% (22441)81.5% (14998)
Recall 2: BLAST RBHs recovered by non-nested RBHs92.2% (23739)82.0% (11930)