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Table 1 Median accuracy results obtained from the application of Models I, II, and III to the 1000 bootstrap samples generated (T, tumor neoplastic astrocytes; N, normal astrocytes; EN, elastic net; NB, Naïve Bayes: MSE, mean squared error; AUC, area under the precision-recall curve; Miscl, misclassifications; Vars, nr. of variables selected)

From: Tracking intratumoral heterogeneity in glioblastoma via regularized classification of single-cell RNA-Seq data

I - T-core vs. T-peripheryEN831070.0290.0470.970.94
II - T-periphery vs. N-peripheryEN85340.0200.0370.990.96
III - T-core/periphery vs. N-peripheryEN76120.0050.0120.9970.982