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Table 1 Comparison to other similar state-of-the-art tools

From: AllEnricher: a comprehensive gene set function enrichment tool for both model and non-model species

NameSupport speciesSupport LibrariesLibrary updateAvailabilityPipeline embeddableCustomized background list
AllEnricherModel species and non-model speciesGO, KEGG, Reactome, DISEASE, and DisGeNETCustomizedStandalone (
EnrichrHuman, mouse and ratGO, KEGG, GEO, InterPro, WikiPathways, MGI, Chromosome Location, Genome Browser PWMs, TargetScan, Reactome, BioCarta, TRANSFAC and JASPAR PWMs, Epigenomics Roadmap, ENCODE, ChEA, PPI databases, NURSA, CORUM, LINCS L1000, DEPOD, HumanCyc, NCI-Nature, Panther, KEA, HPO, GeneSigDB, CMAP, OMIM, VirusMINT, Achilles, dbGaP, Human Gene Atlas, Mouse Gene Atlas, ESCAPE, GTEx, HMDB and HomoloGeneDeveloper dependentWeb (
GO-EliteOver 60 speciesGO, KEGG, GEO, InterPro, WikiPathways, MGI, Disease Ontology, GOSlim, Amadeus Metazoan compendium, PAZAR and AltAnalyzeDeveloper dependentStandalone, Web (
clusterProfilers19 speciesGO and KEGGDeveloper dependentStandalone (
FunSet11 speciesGODeveloper dependentStandalone, Web(