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Table 2 Homogenous clusters formed using DBSCAN on the first two principal components, following labeling with pathotype

From: Adaptations of Escherichia coli strains to oxidative stress are reflected in properties of their structural proteomes

Protein groupProtein countCluster countV-measure
Fimbriae assembly proteins2420.47
Metabolism - All metabolic proteins151520.44
COG Q (Secondary metabolites biosynthesis)4140.44
COG N (Cell motility)2730.41
Metabolism - Alternate carbon metabolism23130.39
Iron-sulfur-binding enzymes11820.38
Zinc-binding enzymes12530.37
All periplasmic proteins31520.37
All metal-binding proteins59030.33
Molybdenum-binding enzymes1420.31
  1. For pathotypes, ExPEC/AIEC/APEC strains are grouped together as they likely encounter oxidative environments more frequently [50]. If a pathotype is unavailable for a strain, it was excluded from the homogeneity measurements.