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Table 2 Heart rate variability feature parameters of ECG

From: Application of artificial intelligence ensemble learning model in early prediction of atrial fibrillation

Parameter Units Description
\(\stackrel{-}{\mathrm{RR}}\) [ms] The mean of RR intervals
 SDNN [ms] Standard deviation of normal to normal RR intervals
\(\stackrel{-}{\mathrm{HR}}\) [1/min] The mean heart rate
 SDHR [1/min] Standard deviation of instantaneous heart rate values
 MinHR [beats/min] Min heart rate per minute
 MaxHR [beats/min] Maximum heart rate per minute
 RMSSD [ms] The root mean square of successive RR interval differences
 NN50 [count] Number of successive RR interval pairs that differ more than 50 ms
 pNN50 [%] NN50 divided by the total number of all NN intervals
 HRV triangular index The integral of the RR interval histogram divided by the height of the histogram
 TINN [ms] Baseline width of the NN interval histogram
 VLF power [ms2] Absolute power of VLF band
 LF power [ms2] Absolute power of LF band
 HF power [ms2] Absolute power of HF band
 LF/HF Ratio between LF and HF band powers
 Total power (TP) [ms2] Total spectral power
 Normalized LFP LF/(TP-VLF)
 Normalized HFP HF/(TP-VLF)
 SD1 [ms] Poincaré plot standard deviation perpendicular the line of identity
 SD2 [ms] Poincaré plot standard deviation along the line of identity
 SD2/SD1 [%] Ratio of SD2 to SD1
 ApEn Approximate entropy
 SampEn Sample entropy
\({\alpha }_{1}\),\({\alpha }_{2}\) Short-term and long-term fluctuations of detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA)