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Table 2 Module 19 young enriched terms table

From: GWENA: gene co-expression networks analysis and extended modules characterization in a single Bioconductor package

Source Term name p val.
GO:BP Response to hormone 0.0015
GO:BP Negative regulation of muscle hypertrophy 0.0033
GO:BP Muscle adaptation 0.0118
GO:BP Response to peptide hormone 0.0129
GO:BP Striated muscle adaptation 0.0255
GO:BP Platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling pathway 0.0328
GO:BP Regulation of muscle adaptation 0.0434
GO:MF Enzyme binding 0.0097
MIRNA hsa-miR-6882-5p 0.0002
MIRNA hsa-miR-197-5p 0.0039
MIRNA hsa-miR-152-5p 0.0125
MIRNA hsa-miR-6878-5p 0.0282
REAC Regulation of FOXO transcriptional activity by acetylation 0.0126
TF Factor: Zbtb37; motif: NYACCGCRNTCACCGCR; match class: 1 0.0073
TF Factor: RNF96; motif: BCCCGCRGCC; match class: 1 0.0074
TF Factor: ETF; motif: GVGGMGG; match class: 1 0.0193
TF Factor: AP-2; motif: SNNNCCNCAGGCN 0.0306
TF Factor: AP-2; motif: SNNNCCNCAGGCN; match class: 0 0.0306
  1. Multiple enrichment are linked to muscle development and growth