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Table 1 Data resource of our StrokeKG

From: Mining a stroke knowledge graph from literature

Data source Types Number of entities Number of relations Number of documents
PubMed English abstracts 52,175 abstracts
CTD [60] Western medicine databases Chemical (19, stroke-related) 19 (stroke-related) 19 (stroke-related) 470(total)
CDR [59] Western medicine corpus Chemical (14, stroke-related)
Chemical (1279, total)
Disease (1188, total)
15 (stroke-related)
3116 [42] (total)
10 (stroke-related)
1500 (total)
TCMID TCM databases CPM (681) –(therapeutic)681
ETCM [57] TCM databases Gene(10), Herbs (498), CPM (3419)
TCMSP [58] TCM databases Gene (63), Herbs (114)
DDI corpus [61] Western medicine corpus Drug-drug:14,281  
EU-ADR [42] corpus Western medicine corpus Gene–disease:355 100 Medline abstracts
Plant-disease corpus [62] TCM databases Disease:100
Plant-disease: Therapeutic (Treatment):708
180 abstracts
  1. Stroke MESHID:D020521, cerebrovascular ischemia/Ischemic stroke/ brain ischemia D007511, cerebral ischemia D002545, transient ischemic attack(TIA): D002546, haemorrhagic stroke/subarachnoid haemorrhage MESH:D013345, cerebrovascular accident(CVA) D002544, Subarachnoid hemorrhageMESH:D01334 D002543