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Table 2 Top fifteen predicted interactions between pairs of pVOGs with annotated functions

From: Finding functional associations between prokaryotic virus orthologous groups: a proof of concept

pVOG A pVOG B P (interaction) Annotation A Annotation B
VOG5511 VOG6633 0.996 Tail fiber protein Putative tail protein
VOG1215 VOG4545 0.996 Minor tail protein Tape measure protein
VOG0796 VOG5106 0.996 Terminase small subunit Phage terminase large subunit
VOG0205 VOG4586 0.996 Putative head taill joining protein Major tail protein
VOG4553 VOG4773 0.994 Major capsid protein Capsid portal protein Q
VOG4604 VOG5027 0.994 Portal protein Head morphogenesis protein
VOG4565 VOG9941 0.994 Lysozyme putative dna maturase b
VOG4555 VOG5106 0.994 Scaffolding protein Phage terminase large subunit
VOG1190 VOG2368 0.994 Portal protein Ribonucleoside triphosphate reductase, alpha chain
VOG4545 VOG9209 0.994 Tape measure protein Minor tail protein L
VOG4545 VOG4599 0.994 Tape measure protein Minor structural protein
VOG0641 VOG4763 0.994 Holin Peptidase_S74 protein
VOG0641 VOG4763 0.994 Holin Minor structural protein
VOG0692 VOG0796 0.994 Minor capsid protein Terminase small subunit
VOG4811 VOG6163 0.994 Tape measure Putative tape measure protein
  1. P (interaction) represents the mean predicted probability of a pVOG pair to interact from 500 individual classifiers (decision trees) in the Random Forest. The full list is provided in Additional file 6