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Table 2 NASA Task Load Index (TLX) results from task 2 of the questionnaire, composed of five responses

From: Using sound to understand protein sequence data: new sonification algorithms for protein sequences and multiple sequence alignments

Factor Raw TLX (unweighted) NASA-TLX (weighted)
NASA-TLX workload scores
Physical demand 7 3
Mental demand 75 96
Temporal demand 32 25
Performance 74 51
Effort 60 63
Frustration 56 76
Global score (Mean) 50.7 52.4
SD 26.5 33.9
  1. Participants ranked each subscale out of 100 to give the Raw TLX. They were asked 15 binary questions comparing each subscale and selecting the most important, which gives the weights for the NASA-TLX weighted workload scores